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The so-called "Extortion letters" and Cornwell comitting "felony perjury"

Quotes from Dr Sachs' web-site at

Here's what the "Patricia Cornwell's Jew-baiting extortion letters" have in them:

"Leslie Raymond Sachs, PO Box 9575, Richmond VA 23228-0575
Re: Defamatory statements made respecting Patricia Cornwell
Dear Mr. Sachs,

As you know from our letter January 24 (a copy which is enclosed), this firm represents Patricia Cornwell.

We now have received further evidence that you are willfully defaming Ms. Cornwell by alleging that she has plagiarized a book written by you entitled The Virginia ghost murders. As stated in our letter of January 24, these allegations are completely untrue and vigorously denied by Ms. Cornwell.

In particular, we have become aware of a letter written by you to Mr. David Wan, president of The Penguin Group, dated January 19, 2000 in which you restate these allegations. Moreover your correspondence with Esther Newberg, Ms. Cornwell's agent at International Creative Management, dated January 24, 2000, contains copies of a proposed jacket design and interior pages of your book which imply such plagiarism.

Demand is once again made that you cease and desist from defaming Ms. Cornwell. Demand is further made that you send a letter to Mr. Wan withdrawing your false and defamatory statements and that you withdraw and destroy all copies of the book and advertising relating to your book that imply such illicit copying occured.

Unless we receive your written confirmation that you will comply with these demands no later than February 10, 2000, we shall take such steps which we deem appropiate to protect Ms. Cornwell's rights. "

Now, let's see. I don't know what in this letter exactly makes it a "Jew-baiting" letter. All that I see is lawyers asking Sachs to stop. Yes, they did ask him to destroy the copies of his book. But they asked him to destroy only the copies which implied that Cornwell has plagiarized his book. Not the ones that didn't say anything about Cornwell. Read carefully and think for yourself.

Next up, the "Felony perjury" found at

"A. No. In fact, the earliest anybody saw of it would have been probably back in January when my agent maybe read the first 70 single-spaced pages because that's really -- Up untill Christmas, that's about all I really had.
It was very slow for me to figure out exactly what I was doing in that book, but the draft that was just turned in within the last three or four weeks was the first complete draft that anybody has ever seen. There were no earlier drafts. I'm just finishing it.

Q. Have you made any revisions to the book because of anything Mr. Sachs has done?
A. Absolutely not.
Q. Have you threatened in any way to destroy Mr. Sachs' books?
A. No.
Q. Does it hurt your reputation to be refered to as a book-burning Nazi?
A. There isn't much worse you can say."

Where exactly did Patricia Cornwell threaten to destroy Sachs' books? In the "Jew-baiting extortion letter"? Think again. No one threatened to destroy the book. No one. Especially not Patricia Cornwell. Dr Sachs was asked to destroy the copies of his book which were defaming. No one said anything like "If you don't destroy them, we'll come and do that for you." So if these are Sachs' "crystal clear evidence", I'd think twise before believing in him.

Then there's the "Banning Sachs' freedom of speech." I don't feel like writing down the whole thing, so I'll just put here the important stuff. Check the complete papers from

The court orders says pretty much this:
Sachs is not allowed to place stickers with Patricia D. Cornwell's name on it onto his book
Sachs is not allowed to use Patricia D. Cornwell's name in advertising his book.
Sachs should call up all the booksellers that have his book and tell them to take the "Cornwell-sticker" off of his book.
Sachs should stop mentioning Patricia Cornwell in his web-site.
Sachs should not use Cornwell's name in any way.
No damages, each party pays for it's own fees and costs
Case dismissed
It is so ordered.

So why didn't he just stop? It would have been a lot easier for everyone if he just stopped talking about Patricia Cornwell and did something else. If he is such an expert on American corruption as he says, he should've known by then that he shouldn't bother. Actually, one doesn't even have to be an expert on anything to know that legally Sachs stands no chance and that is because plotlines are NOT copyrighted. If they were, there wouldn't be half as many TV-shows, movies and books out there. But no.

He wants to pretend to be a hero, a "political refugee". It takes a lot more than a web-site and a couple of letters to some people to change the world. My blog, Sachs' blog, it makes no difference. Of course some people might express their interest and say nice things or then nasty things but that's not going to change the world. To truly change the world, you'd have to be able to "punch God in the face" so to speak. And I don't think that that can be done by posting annoying, paranoid and defaming stuff about some writer on the Internet.

All Sachs has done now is this:
1. He has ruined the reputation of a good person and a good writer. Some bookstore owners have refused to sell Cornwell's books because they believe that what Sachs is telling about Cornwell is true. I know Cornwell won't starve to death if her book sales go down a little bit but still. This can also reflect to the fans who have gotten used to buying their books from a certain bookstore and now the owner suddenly says that s/he ain't going to sell them anymore.

2. He has caused Cornwell stress and probably made her feel bad and now she's unable to fully focus on her work which probably will reflect to the quality of her writing.

3. Sachs "took" Cornwell away from her fans. Cornwell is afraid to attend book-signings and stuff because someone believing in Sachs might show up with a weapon. Thanks to Sachs many people are going to loose a chance to meet their favorite author. But what does Sachs care. In his mind it's probably just fun if someone looking up to Cornwell feels sad or dissapointed.


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