Wednesday, June 6, 2007

She won, she won! But the trouble's not over, it seems

Patricia Cornwell won the court case and Leslie R. Sachs was ordered to remove all his defaming statements from the Internet.

"Ms. Cornwell is extremely pleased because the injunction grants all of the relief that she sought and because she has a fairly passionate interest in preventing cyberstalking, and she feels she is in a position to pursue this kind of case when a lot of other folks might not be," said Cornwell's attorney Joan Lukey." (

But it seems that Cornwell-fans shouldn't be jumping up and down of joy just yet. Sachs has made it perfectly clear that he is not going to comply. Cornwell's attorney Joan A. Lukey said that if Sachs doesn't comply he could ultimately face civil as well as criminal contempt charges.

Lukey said Cornwell hopes to be able to cooperate with the search engines and Internet service providers to pull down the libelous statements online or provide a hyperlink to the court order so a reader of Sachs' Web sites can review what a federal court has already found in connection with his postings.

Sachs doesn't really seem to care about charges. In his web-site there is already a "link-to-be" titled:

" (1) Gangster US judges issue new US fake Nazi-style "court orders", yet again trying to ban the truth about the crimes of Patricia Cornwell and the Bush regime and judges - New fake "court orders" by the same racist, Jew-hating judges who joined Cornwell in threatening to murder Dr Sachs inside the US - Dr Les Sachs, safe in Europe, tells Patricia Cornwell and corrupt US judges to take their newest fake "court orders" and shove them up their neo-Nazi buttocks"

And there we go with the butts again.

Hopefully this whole thing will be done and over with as soon as possible and we could finally be able to say: "And that's the end of that chapter." This is actually getting quite boring... (No offence!)

"We don't like it when you tap the glass."

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