Saturday, June 9, 2007

Some interesting and maybe useful links

These links can be found with Google and such but I wanted to put these here too just in case so that as many people as possible could check them out. From these you can find more accurate information regarding this "Patricia Cornwell vs Leslie Sachs"-story and more background to the story. And some useful tips of how to prevent cyber-stalking and fight it if you should become a victim. And also something if you're just interested in Cornwell in general.

"I'm trying to keep a cap on my anger, because anger makes you sick," she said, "and I don't let myself get hateful because that just poisons you. But when a schoolyard bully punches me in the nose, I'm going to have to hit back. These are insults to my character and my spirit. I am not a bigot. You don't call me a follower of Hitler. You don't say I'm about to go to prison. This is a virus; it replicates like crazy on the Internet."
- Patricia Cornwell (Boston Globe)

Have fun! Hopefully you'll find these useful and maybe entertaining.

"We don't like it when you tap the glass."

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