Saturday, June 9, 2007

The sexuality and mental illness & some other things

Quotes from Sachs' website unless mentioned differently.

Here are some things that I wanted to pay some attention to regarding Cornwell's sexuality and the things that Sachs has said about that matter.

"One reason is that Cornwell is a lesbian who totally betrays the gay and lesbian community. Not just the fact that Cornwell and the media try to hide her lesbianism - It's the fact that Cornwell is a neo-Nazi lesbian, a lesbian who supports attacks on gays as well as Jews."

I don't feel betrayed. But that must be once again just because I still happen to believe that in free countries people are allowed to vote and finance whichever party they want to.

I can easily understand why Cornwell would try to "hide" her personal life and I don't think that has anything to do with politics or all that BS. People usually want to keep their sexlife as a personal matter. Would you want your neighbour to be able to read from the newspaper all about your sexlife and other personal matters? Didn't think so.

I don't see how the media has tried to hide Cornwell's sexual orientation. After all, wasn't it the media that indeed dragged Cornwell out of the closet, outed her? Because if it wasn't... And she's hiding it... Then... Who outed Cornwell?!

"Cornwell, multi-millionaire lesbian that she is, totally betrays the gay and lesbian community. The lesbian hypocrite Cornwell pays huge money to the Bushes and other gay-bashing politicians. Even though Patricia Cornwell is one of America's most famous lesbians, Cornwell pays huge money to right-wing politicians who attack gays and who try and destroy gay and lesbian rights.."


Cornwell certainly is famous but I wouldn't call her one of America's most famous lesbians. Even though Cornwell has a lot of readers, I don't think that that amount of people would cover even a fraction of the people who have heard of Ellen Degeneres, Melissa Etheridge and of all the other American celebrity lesbians.

"Cornwell and the Bush family would like to hide all the gay and lesbian involvement that they have, as a part of the deception of America's Christian voters, who are now the last major supporters of the Bush regime."

I think it would be a very, very hard task for the Bush family to hide "all the gay and lesbian involvement that they have" since one of their family members is a lesbian. Or have I been given wrong information about Bush's daughter?

"The Bush crowd doesn't want the American people to think about the gay prostitute, the "military stud" James Guckert - Jeff Gannon, whom President Bush has invited to the White House at so many late night hours."

So, now Sachs is saying that President Bush is gay? Excuse me while I go and laugh my ass off.
I'm not saying that he couldn't be (I really don't think that he is though), I'm saying that the way Sachs is trying to suggest such a thing is hilariously silly.

"The Christian voters in the US, and their church pastors, would be very upset to know that Bush is taking million-dollar bribes from a rich lesbian to cover up for crimes and to attack the US Constitution."

You know, in the world that we live in these days, I don't think that the voters in the end would really care where the money came from as long as the person they vote for wins. And hey, do I see something a bit off here? I've read a copy of an e-mail where Sachs said that the voting machines were made by a company friendly with the Bushes so that Bush would win no matter how people voted. So... If he'd win anyway, why would anyone care do the people know that they get money from a lesbian person?
I really don't know should I laugh or feel sorry for Sachs.

"Also, Patricia Cornwell's severe mental problems, her immense personal hatreds that are so evident in her books, Cornwell's desire and lust for being a criminal and for threatening to murder people, all go back to Cornwell's mental problems with being a lesbian."

I think that these days it's very hard to find a person who doesn't suffer from depression and/or take mood stabilizers.

Now, let's get to my favourite issue: judging a writer's mental stability from what they write. I'm going to turn my stereo on now and listen to some extremely aggressive music. (-Oh God, she listenes to heavyrock, she must be a satanist!!!! Well, FYI: I'm not. Far from it actually.)

What people usually call "creative talent" and "art", Sachs calls "severe mental problems."

What if we started do judge everyone's mental stability by their writing? Should we call someone less talented in writing a "retard" or something? Should we call Stephen King, J.R.R. Tolkien, Clive Barker, Val McDermid or Karin Slaughter a psychopath because of their writing? I don't think that we should. Should we judge Quentin Tarantino's or Wes Craven's mental status by the movies that they make?

A person once said to me that she thinks that Patricia Cornwell has "serious mental problems judging by her book Black notice". I've never wanted to kick someone's teeth in worse in my life.

And I didn't feel the urge to do so just because this person was talking trash about Patricia Cornwell. I felt that urge because I'm a writer myself and thanks to this person I couldn't write in a long time without thinking "What will people think of me and my mental stability when they read this?" Lately I've stopped doing so because it was ruining my writing. Nowadays I think: to hell with my love for those who don't get it or like it. Selfish, I know, but I don't think that people should try to change the way they feel or are just because it might not please someone.

I can of course understand why someone would think that it is not "normal" to write about bodies and all kinds of horrible things that Cornwell writes about. But that is not enough to give anyone the right to call her crazy. She writes brilliantly about a matter close to her heart: solving crimes and preventing them from happening to more people.

So what exactly are these "hatreds" that Cornwell brings out in her books? Other than her hate toward crime and injustice? Let's try to judge Cornwell's personality through her characters (oh, you can call me Dr. Sigmund Fraud, hon).

I see characters in powerful positions. I see characters who hate people who abuse power. I see characters who would never abuse their power. To me this tells that Cornwell did not indentify herself with the aggressor (her father) as a child. She feels compassion for people and animals that have become victims of power abuse.

Sure, Marino is a redneck who pretty much hates everyone and everything but so what? It would be boring if all the characters were good, gorgeous and perfect in every possible way. ;)

"Patricia Cornwell is a redneck girl from the bigoted back-woods of North Carolina. Cornwell was abandoned by her own mother, and brought up under the foster supervision of Christian preacher Billy Graham, and is forever in torment about being a lesbian. Cornwell wants to be that white Southern Christian woman, like Billy Graham's wife, but Cornwell can never be that, because she is a lesbian, and this fact never stops to torment Cornwell."

So now we are judging people by from where they're from? If Cornwell were that tormented by the fact that she is a lesbian, don't you think that she'd be seeing some hypnotist and pretty much everyone who would say that they can cure homosexuality (I'm sure we all know that there are these "ex-gays" who now run some "Camp Denial" wherein they try to make themselves believe that they're not gay and then try to turn other desperate gays into straights)?

Don't you think that Cornwell would do everything in her power to "change" back to being heterosexual if being a lesbian would bother and torment her so much? If she were in a mental trap about her sexuality, why the hell would she go as far as marry someone of the same sex? Someone Jewish???

"There is a more personal side to Cornwell's education in racism and anti-semitism, and Cornwell's willingness to threaten to murder Jews - far beyond the fact that Cornwell grew up in Ku Klux Klan territory in the racist South of the US, and whatever racism she got from her parents and childhood neighbours."

Oh, now look what you've done. I can't stop laughing. I can't breathe... You're killing me! Does this count for an attempted murder?

So... Is Cornwell supposed to be the only person who has ever grown up in this "Ku Klux Klan territory in the racist South of the US"?

"In talking to Cornwell at length, you find her quickly full of venom for what seems like most everyone in her past. The main character in Patricia Cornwell's novels is troubled by intimacy, but very attached to guns, death, power, and images of violence. This is also the nature of Patricia Cornwell herself in real life."

It would be really interesting to be able to talk to Cornwell face to face and get to know her personally but thanks to Sachs, that chance is now non-existent. (Before Sachs my chances to meet Cornwell used to be about the same as winning the lottery, haha! But I'm still such an optimistic person that... What? Oh... Ok...)

The main character in King's "The Dark Tower"-series is rather troubled by intimacy, attached to guns, death, power and images of violence. Can we, based on that, say that King has same issues in his real life? Can we, based on the character of Kay Scarpetta, say that Cornwell has the same issues in her personal life?

"Cornwell, too, doesn't want readers to know how wrapped up she is with the Bush family, just like she doesn't want people to know the other facts about her life of crime and scandal."

If that's true then why the hell did Cornwell dedicate a book to Barbara Bush ("Point of origin") and is posing in pictures with the Bush-family?

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Let me think... I'll be right back.
Ok, I'm back. I know now what I'm going to say.

To Patricia Cornwell and to everyone I have only one thing to say regarding this sexuality issue:

No matter what, do not deny your passion. Because denial is the only unnatural thing about being gay or lesbian.

"We don't like it when you tap the glass."