Thursday, May 31, 2007

Patricia Cornwell, Jodie Foster and Demi Moore

Once again the quotes are taken from Dr Les Sachs' web-site unless mentioned otherwise.

This is one of my favourites. Sachs tells us that Patricia Cornwell has been stalking Jodie Foster and getting into fights with Demi Moore and all sorts of funny things (at least I laughed my butt off while reading these hilarious writing of dr Sachs').

"One of the actresses who briefly considered a role as Cornwell's main fictional character was Demi Moore. Cornwell later bragged about being in a hot tub with Demi and smoking cigars."

First of all, I think that Demi Moore would have been a terrible choice to play Scarpetta. I mean she's a great actress and all but no, no way she should've been cast as Scarpetta.

I read that Cornwell took Moore to the morgue, to Quantico and to dinner. Yeah, they were smokin' cigars in a hot tub but so what? Heck, if I were smoking cigars with Demi Moore in a hot tub I'd brag about it too! I'd go knock on every door in my neighbourhood, I'd put my hands on my hips and I'd say:
"- Nah-nah, I was in a hot tub with Demi Moore!"
So let Cornwell brag about it if she wants to.

"The most bizarre episode from Cornwell's California jaunts, was her emotional crush upon actress Jodie Foster, who was also considered as a potential lead actress in a Cornwell movie script. Cornwell had a crush on Foster, and pursued her obsessively in a weird, stalking way that must have been very disturbing to Foster. This is described in a January 1997 Esquire article by Jeanette Wells, 'Jodie, Jodie, Jodie'."

Jodie Foster as Scarpetta would-have-been-so-obvious! Next!

Now, let me see. The Esquire magazine... Oh, yes! This indeed seems to be a magazine with reliable information in it (that was sarcasm, just in case someone didn't get it). What next, "Aliens ate my spaghetti"?

Cornwell wasn't "pursuing Foster", she was trying to talk her into playing Scarpetta. The fact that Cornwell sits drinking coffee or having dinner at the same restaurant that Foster walks into doesn't mean that Cornwell was stalking her.

But, just for fun, let's assume for a moment that Cornwell was stalking Foster. Ok, what's so weird about that? I bet that Foster has a lot of stalkers. Men, women, whatever. Many celebrities have stalkers. Sachs just so happened to forget to mention that.

"Cornwell and Jodie Foster met briefly, but the meeting did not go well. Foster seems to have found Cornwell somewhat disgusting, and did not want to pursue the project further."

Was Sachs there? How is he supposed to know how the meeting went or what Foster thought of Cornwell? Can Sachs read people's minds? And what does Foster have to say about this? Has anyone asked her? If someone knows, let me know.

"Just like with the FBI agents, Cornwell began offering sizeable bribes and gifts with the idea that Brafstein would induce Jodie to meet Cornwell again and then they could start a relationship."

Like I said before, Cornwell was probably just trying to talk Foster into playing Scarpetta. Foster said "no" and Cornwell tried again, maybe offered a better deal to Foster or something. Seriously, I don't understand how someone could possibly believe a word of Sachs' writings. Well, too bad for those who do. They'll be fooled. Big time.

"As the 1990's came to a close, her Hollywood foray a failure, Cornwell went back to identifying Virginia as her main home, though she travelled among several places and in fact was at home nowhere. She deepened the political and campaign contributions that made her more of a political force with Republicans and especially in Virginia, befriending Virginia's Governor of 1997-2001, Jim Gilmore. Gilmore, right-wing friend of George Bush, ended up renting Cornwell's Virginia mansion and sleeping in the same bedroom where Cornwell had trysted with lesbian lovers."

Read carefully now. If you read the last sentence too fast you'll get the idea that Cornwell and her "lesbian lovers" are sleeping in the same bed with Gilmore. Ok?
Now, that you've read it slowly and carefully: If you rent someone's house, you're bound to end up sleeping in the same bedroom that the previous tenant or owner has slept.

Of course I'm sure that there were/are a lot of bedrooms in Cornwell's houses but I'm pretty sure I'd pick the same one Cornwell had used. Not because of the fact that it would be the same one where "Cornwell had trysted with her lesbian lovers" but because I'm sure it would have the nicest view and so on. And if it didn't, I'd change.

You know, like Goldie-what's-her-name, the little girl in the fairy tale. '-This one's too hard, this one's too soft... Hey, this is perfect!'

By the way, I'm sure that the three bears ate that little Goldie-what's-her-name who broke into their house, ate their food and then just took a nap in their bed (how rude is that?!). I don't blame the three bears. I would've eaten her too.

"We don't like it when you tap the glass."

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imallears said...

Haha sandy, brilliant! This sachs guy seems like an ass. Who gives a shit if dude rented her house? Jodie foster is hot and one of the most talented actresses out there, who hasnt asked her to do a movie?and whats the big deal..if i put an offer on a home, the owner shoots it down and i up my bid am i stalking the owners?! Nice try, sachs.
And is this guy a counselor and hey..everyone has issues, from simple phobias to relationship baggage to serious psychiatric issues. Im also gay..and have quite a few extreme right wing colleagues/friends, whats the big deal..? Cornwell has money, she can back whoever the hell she wants! Im gay and i gice donations to churches and the like, i shop at stores who fund anti gay shit..its the world we live in, get over it, asshat.( not you sandy, les sachs)
Keep your head up cornwell. :)